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Customs Joggers Handicap (THE ORIGINAL!)

Customs Joggers Course Description and Map

Bicentennial Stage in Commonwealth Park
Distance: 5.0k
Course Description: Flat - Out to old Canberra Hospital and back
Day: Every Friday
Time: 12.15
Cost: $1.00
Prize: Pair of Socks Courtesy The Runners Shop
Contact: Nick Blackaby ((6275 6506)

Ginninderra Handicap

Lake Ginninderra Handicap Course Description and Map

Outside Lighthouse Bar on Lake Ginninderra
Distance: 7.0k
Course Description: Flat - Around Lake Ginninderra
Day: Last Tuesday of each month
Time: 12.10pm
Cost: Voluntary donation to ACT Cancer Society
Prize: Lighthouse Bar award (wine), Pizza Hut award and many other sponsorships exceeding $100 per run
Contact: Ian Clout ((6252 6737)

Lakes Stakes

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes Course Description and Map

Location: Beside lake Tuggeranong on Reed Street
Distance: 6.0k
Course Description: Flat - Around Lake Tuggeranong
Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 12.25
Cost: $1.00
Prize: $20.00 voucher from The Runners Shop (Phillip)
Contact: Peter Foster ((
6231 2245)

BBQ Stakes

BBQ Stakes Course Description and Map

BBQ pit behind Senior Citizens club in Corinna St Woden
Distance: 6.0k
Course Description: Undulating (Keeps you honest!)
Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 12.20
Cost: $1.00
Prize: $30 voucher for The Runners Shop (Phillip), plus other prizes
Contact:  Adrian Plunkett

Round the Lake Run

Commonwealth Park - Bridge at Nerang Pool
Distance: 4.7k
Course Description: Flat - Around the lake between the Bridges
Day: Wednesday - “Off” PS  pay week (Barton handicap on other Wednesday)
Time: 12.30
Cost: Free
Prize: End of year trophies for Open, Vets and Female
Contact: Geoff Perry ((6249 6965) (Ê6257 3018)

Barton Handicap

Location: Southern side of Kings Ave bridge
Distance: 5.0k
Course Description: Flat - Around lake using two bridges
Day: Fortnightly on Wednesday immediately before PS payday (Round the Lake run on other Wednesday)
Time: 12.30
Cost: Free
Prize: Annual Golden Sandshoe award
Contact: Des Brown ((
62822918) (È0403 194497)

Mount Ainslie Run Up

Treloar Crescent, behind War Memorial
Distance: 2.2k
Course Description: It’s a challenge, 240 metres of elevation in 2.2k
Day: First Tuesday of each month
Time: 12.45
Cost: Free
Contact: John Harding ((6244 1153) (Ê6244 1045)

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